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SZA ft Isaiah Rashad - Warm Winds

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massive big up to this guy.

Dreea x Berlin Community Radio Show 9


Tangerine | HER by @MoRuf88

Directed by: Anthony Blue Jr.

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elle magazine - click here to read more 

elle magazine - click here to read more 





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"every mouth you’ve ever kissed
was just practice
all the bodies you’ve ever undressed
and ploughed in to
were preparing you for me.
i don’t mind tasting them in the
memory of your mouth
they were a long hall way
a door half open
a single suit case still on the conveyor belt
was it a long journey?
did it take you long to find me?
you’re here now,
welcome home."

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we all come from sperm….

Salutes to Farrakhan. 





how quickly they forget 

she ain’t like negroids but she gon need one to glue some shit onto that scalp doe

one of the best parts of the movie

Epic scenes from one of my favorite movies!!!

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"“Human beings are not on earth to be citizens, or taxpayers, or socially engineered pawns of other human beings; rather they are here in order to grow, to transform, to become their authentic selves.”
— Stephan A. Hoeller, Freedom: Alchemy for a Voluntary Society. 1992"

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BOK BOK featuring KELELA
Melba’s Call